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Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Bez Moment Ever :P

Guys.. As we all know.. We are now..

Not anymore an infant,a child..Or even an adult..
But,we must be proud bcoz our generation have a special name..
Em..That is..
Wait a minute..!! 
Im very sure that all of u know about a very significant fact regarding the teenagers like us..
Guess what?haha..
The anwer of coz..
Thats y there is always a signboard showing..
But y?
Dont we have enough skill to drive?
O myb yezz..
..always happen..n..
involving teenagers!

We r not here today without our beloved parents ryte..?
Our existence have prove their pure romance..
So,we must respect when..
For me..
I challege u.. Feel it..Just after that you will appreciate your invaluable parents!
But still some of us said..

Our father may say...
But..There is always a loving mother who will say...
Our parents r absolutely the most meaningful gift from ALLAH..
So we should be grateful to HIM by saying..
Emph..About lovey n hearties..
Is it cruel when someone said..
Most of us may say "YES!Kuang ajo doe..! Syialla..Tuihh!!"
So my fren,remeber this..

Let us read this..

Always appreciate every moment in our live..
So,NEVER say..

***I dedicated this to all of my frenz since in..
 Taski Al Huda Taman Makmur,
SK Bandar,
Sekolah Agama Parit Lapis,
High School Batu Pahat,
Sekolah Agama Bandar,
MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba,
n the latest.. UiTM Shah Alam.. 
4get me not :)


  1. the best i've heard from a future accountant :)

  2. Hahah.. Tq2.. Just for fun.. To occupy my 4-months-holidays.. :)

  3. post lagi post lagii. but make it light. takmau ah yg berat2 sgt. hee, anonymous boleh comment :D